In December of last year I had briefly worked on a commercial spot for the French company Hermès. My contribution was a giant pink bird made out of lace. Montreal based fabricators Robocut had cut the shape out of plexiglass and I had wrapped the bird in strips of pink fabric:

Hermès Métamorphose from Vallée Duhamel on Vimeo.


And as with most projects these days, a wonderful 'making of' accompanies it:

Metamorphose Making-Of from Vallée Duhamel on Vimeo.



Behind the scenes of last year's WIXX 2 commercial

Some new videos recently were uploaded of some extra footage we took during the making of WIXX 2 filmed last summer. I present it to you here:

I also just wrapped up a commission of Muppet styled hand puppets that were created for a music video. I will leave you with one image but will profile them more in depth later on:


WIXX 2 and Alfred Dallaire Memoria

Back in June and July of last year I worked on a series of promotional videos for a company called WIXX that aims to motivate kids to exercise in creative ways. This was the second installment. The first was more summer themed and was created last winter, whereas this one was winter themed and created last summer. Both installments were directed by Greg Barth, whose projects I have worked on in the past. I was particularly happy to have worked on this series in that I was able to create a fun yeti costume that acted as one of the primary characters in the shorts. Have a look:

In October I had also worked briefly on an installation created by Moment Factory for a memorial dedicated to deceased funeral director Alfred Dallaire. MF created a fun 'making of' video of the installation's creation and launch:


A Summary of the Past Two Months. 

Hello readers! 

A lot to catch up on here since I've neglected to do any updates in the past two and a half months. This is mostly due to the ease of just being able to update everything on instagram and facebook from my phone.

Let's recap!

We left off on my preparation for the 2013 Ottawa Mini-Maker Faire. Well much like the one in 2012 it went well! There were lots of attendees, young and old, who engaged with the masks and asked many questions.

You can view more photos on my facebook page. 

Beginning in September I moved into a new studio space with some other artists and makers, allowing me the ease and space to create and take on commissions. First off I began work on a new mask that has been progressing nicely. It is based off me, much like my Nest mask, but this time features my beard!

Here are some in progress shots:

In the commission world I have been working on a Goblin Mask based off of the boardgame Pathfinder for some friends who have opened up a gaming cafe in Montreal. It is nearly done, with just a few details left to add, and is looking pretty spectacular:

In terms of other commission work I have worked on some sets making props for a commercial and an installation. 

I'll be able to reveal more info about these projects when they are released to the public, but for now here are some in progress photos. The first is a series of commercials for Fonds de solidarité FTQ:

The second is a series of stop motion animations that will be featured in an installation as an ode to a funeral director who has passed:

I am also spending time working for artist Sabine Alpers and her company Felt Factory, making needlefelted animal heads. I am learning an incredible amount in doing this and hope to apply these techniques to my own work in the future:

Jumping over to music news. Trips and Falls album 'The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behavior' has been released by Song, by Toad records based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. Listen to songs from the release here on our bandcamp page. You can order the album directly from Song, by Toad or get in contact with me for easier methods of getting your hands on it in North America:

And finally, in terms of art shows, I have my mask, Factory Face in a collective show at Artotheque in Montreal at the moment. The show runs until December 14th so check it out if you can:



Ottawa Mini-Maker Faire. Anglerman Complete. Social Media. 


it has been some time since my last post. I've been keeping busy with various contracts and personal work, but probably spending most of my time petting my cat and drinking beer in parks.  

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the Ottawa Mini-Maker Faire again this year:

The venue is much bigger than last year's, and the amount of makers displaying their work has nearly tripled! For more info visit their site. 

I have also recently completed the Anglerman mask that I had started last year. This involved constructing and wiring the lure that protrudes from his head. I spent many hours scouring dollar and hardware stores to find the right fit. The end result was a mix of a pool noodle, an LED flashlight and a glass enclosure from a snowglobe. As one of the photos will reveal, the lure works on cats. My hope is that it will be just as effective on humans:

And finally, part of the reason that I don't update this site that often is that it is much easier for me to update my facebook or instagram feeds. Not to say that I won't update this page at all, but if you want more frequent updates I've added icons in the News header so you can follow and like me on instagram and facebook respectively.